Offering End-to-End Solution

At Simex we have experience, equipment and personnel to plan, manage and execute Simulator relocations regardless of location and the complexity of the device in question. Baseline to Baseline Relocations include; Full Turnkey Relocations, Power Conversions and Electrical Support, Software and Hardware Integration, Logistics & Tender, Multiple Parallel Capability & Spares & Repair Support. Our team support you from deployment to Integration on site. 

Features and customer benefits

Wide range of relocation offerings:

• Dismantle and pack.

• Transportation including overseas shipping.

• Installation at the new site.

• Minimum commissioning includes power-on.

• Selected options at customer discretion.

Resale assistance:

• Market investigation to locate previously owned or decommissioned FFS for purchase.

• Manage FFS re-sale or procurement.

Enhanced features

Hardware commissioning and re-tuning to factory standards

• Audit for configuration and mechanical condition.

• Run baseline test manual (BTM).

• Assistance through to qualification and ready-for-training (RFT).

• Post-RFT support.

• Complete power distribution checks.

• Visual alignment and tuning.

• Flight control and motion servo tuning and calibration.

• Qualification assistance.

• Post RFT on-site assistance. 

Software commissioning and re-tuning to factory standards

• Conduct qualification test guide (QTG) tuning as required for flight controls, aero model, engines, sound and motion performance.

Power conversion

• Modify equipment as needed to convert a FFS from one

electrical standard to another.

Relocations Worldwide
Simex expert team will support relocation projects from dispatch to installation. 
Our Proposed support will include:​

  • Baseline to Baseline Relocations

  • Power Off to Power On Relocations

  • Full Turnkey Relocations

  • Power Conversions

  • Land, Ocean or Air Freight

  • Combination with Updates

  • Multiple Parallel Capability

  • Mylar Mirror Re-skinning

  • Spares & Repairs Support

  • Certification Support

  • Maintenance Engineering Support