Supporting FFS Updates, Cockpit Retrofits for Civil, General Aviation & Business Aviation aircraft.


Simex Simulation provide complete refurbishment and retrofits solutions, Integration of OEM avionics such as Honeywell, Thales as well as develop simulated cockpit systems.


Experts with

  • CAE

  • Rediffusion

  • Thales

  • TRU

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Simex Simulation have demonstrated success upgrading:


a) Gould & HARRIS 4000 Host Systems on Link Simulators

b) VAX Based Host to IBM on CAE FFS 

c) Interface Cabinet Updates on Rediffusion, CAE devices  

d) Disk Backups & HSD Updates 


Out in house computing solutions allows you to upgrade the performance of your device to higher-end PC. We can support Unix/Linux, Windows as well as an advanced portable OS for your device's stability. 


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Simex can assist you with the Visual as well as Motion System Upgrade. We have in house expert knowledge on Visual IG Replacement, Integration & Calibration of OEM Visuals, Projection System Repair, and Replacement. We have demonstrated success in Upgrading FFS Visual System from Legacy Vital IV, EP1000 to Modern RSi, Q4, CAE MaxVue Plus, Tropos, etc. solutions.  


We have developed in house Mounting & Interfacing solution, to ease the integration of modern systems with legacy systems. This has enabled Simex to reduce the integration effort without compromising the latency and throughput.