Flight Simulation

Re-Host & Visual Updates

Simex is now supporting a complete Interface, Re host Update on Legacy Full Flight Simulator. Using advanced Simex proprietary interface solutions, we ensure minimum downtime & integration of legacy systems with modern solutions. Supporting Rediffusion, CAE, Sim-Industries, Thomson, Link Miles. Supporting both legacy & modern simulators. 


Simex Aerospace & Simulation Systems is a privately owned, professional engineering consulting firm. Based in the United Kingdom with bases in the USA, Simex boasts industry-leading proficiencies in the areas of: Civil & Military Flight Simulation and Avionics Systems Design/Integration. We provide complete refurbishment and retrofits solutions, Integration of OEM avionics such as Honeywell, Thales as well as develop simulated cockpit systems. 


We aim to deliver cost-effectively & innovate solutions to flight simulator operators as well as developers. We provide a comprehensive range of services from flight simulator development, an update of legacy systems as well as relocations. We have supported and continue to support the customers in the UK & worldwide. 

Helicopter Simulator
ARINC 661 Compliant Systems Development & Integration 

We have in house expertise with Requiremenets Management tools such as DOORs, VectorCAST,

ChangeMan Dimensions and LDRA Test bed for Safety Critical System training platform development.

C130 Cockpit Upgrde
external view of full motion flight simu
Programming Console